Kumuhana – Our Goals

A personal note from our Executive Director

Aloha, Everyday I look forward to working in support of our vision, that every  Hawaiian family will have their own home.  The work has been hard, the challenges many, but the rewards have been plentiful as well.  I am inspired, each and every day to work on behalf of our families.
All of us here at Nanakuli Housing Corporation (NHC )  remain deeply committed to continue the work started by my mother Paige.  While we miss the bright and shining light of her presence, we are blessed by her example and her foresight.   And in keeping with her spirit of always striving to do more, my goals for NHC is to continue to build a better organization thru the development and delivery of programs that address our vision of Hawaiian families building their personal assets through home ownership; generating sources of sustaining funds through our programs including Baseyard Hawaii; and forging partnerships with other organizations who share our vision and mission.
Thank you for continuing to stand by us and for all of your mana’o and kokua.
In closing, I would like to leave you with a quote from my mother, Paige Kawelo Barber, taken from a letter she wrote when she was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2005.

Each day is truly precious.  Let us all do good, love more and stay focused on how we can make all of Hawaii’s people stronger…self-reliant but giving…and at peace with one another.  May we never lose sight of our goal that one day every native Hawaiian family will have a home of their own.
‘Owau nõ me ka ‘oia’i’o,
(I am sincerely)

Paige Kapiolani Barber
Executive Director


Paige Kapiolani Barber
Executive Director
With NHC Staff