Ka Lawelawe ‘Ana – Our Services

Nãnãkuli Housing Corporation has a solid record of service, with more than 8 years of experience in culturally based education and training in homeownership and financial literacy.  During that time, our success rate of qualifying families for mortgage loans has grown from 10 to 40%.

In the last 3 years, NHC has secured $1.3 million in federal grants enabling the delivery of homeownership services to eligible families.

Our efforts to train eligible families to do self help repairs have also been successful.  Since 2005, NHC has provided culturally based training and assistance to 186 residents.  Funding from the Administration for Native Americans in 2005-2007 made it possible for our training to be mobile and in 2007-2008 we served an additional 174 residents.

Our programs are provided free of charge to families of low to moderate income, primarily Hawaiian Homestead families on the island of O’ahu.  Based on input from our families, NHC has been able to integrate our program offerings to revolve around the concept of homeownership.

Our programs include Homeownership and Financial Literacy, Self Help Home Repair/Home Replacement, Baseyard Hawaii, Kukulu I Na Hale ‘Ohana Makepono:  Building Family Homes Affordably, and Post Homeownership and Home “Greening” which are two new training modules that NHC is in the process of developing.  .   


Aloha, I just wanted to thank Nãnãkuli Housing Corporation, its’ workers and volunteers for the great program you offered to the families on Hawaiian Home Lands. If we hadn’t heard about your great program, I would have not known how we would afford to make room in our house for my new granddaughter. Because of the home repair and maintenance classes and the timely delivery of materials supplied by NHC, we were able to build an extension to my daughter’s bedroom.
We have so many in one house getting enough hot water was a big problem.  We had a 40-gallon tank and our electric bill was in the $700.00 range. Thank God for a special grant that NHC received for solar systems, which my family and others in the same situation had installed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

As I drive around my community I notice that so many homes are in need of repair.  Like our family, they probably can’t get home improvement loans or don’t know how to make the improvements themselves. With your help I know we have a chance. Please continue your NHC programs, so others can feel proud of themselves and their homes.
YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. …GRANTS WORK FOR PEOPLE…. Love the tool bucket with tools, which comes in handy for repairs.  We also helped out a church friend when she moved into her new place. Our Kahu calls us the Bucket Ministry.
We will help you spread the NEWS.
God Bless all of you.  THE NUUANU FAMILY

Rozena and Abraham Nuuanu
Homestead of Nãnãkuli


Solar  for the Nuuanu ‘Ohana